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VerHage Motors is committed to present EVERY customer a competitive Value Price on all our inventory. We understand that over 80% of our customers use the internet for research. However, we feel that all of our customers should benefit from research obtained on the internet. Our VP, Value Pricing is achieved by polling pre-owned websites. This ensures all of our customers receive a REAL TIME value price. We feel that the value of a vehicle is determined by its demand and availability - not by what we paid for it or how long we have owned it. Therefore, we do NOT inflate our prices of our used cars in hopes of winning a negotiation contest. After being in business for over 100 years, we realize that VP is the best approach to pricing pre-owned vehicles for our customers. It is our way of making EVERY customer benefit from the power of the lnternet and feel like a VIP.

Norm Verhage

*VerHage’s New Vehicle Value or VIP price is the cash price for everybody. If the customer elects the Ally Bank Mitsubishi special APR option or special lease the cash allowances (rebates) are typically less than the cash only option. Save additional $ with loyalty and military bonus incentives. Contact or call / text to (616) 396-3589 for eligibility.

Value Pricing

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