VerHage Motors in West Michigan

  • 1886
    Henry Ver Hage was born in Jamestown township Michigan
  • 1914
    Henry started Ver Hage Motors in 1914 in Hudsonville selling Chalmers, Overland and Maxwell autos.
  • 1925
    Henry began Selling Chrysler automobile
  • 1933
    Henry's oldest son, Dick, began selling and working for the company.
  • 1946
    Two more two more sons, Harold and Henry J., joined the company after his military service.
  • 1950
    An all new building was constructed on Chicago Drive in Hudsonville and Henry VerHage retired.
  • 1956
    In 1956, after military service, Lloyd VerHage joined the family business.
  • 1963
    In 1963, Lloyd VerHage left the family business to start his own Chrysler dealership on Chicago Drive in Holland.
  • 1981
    Richard and Larry VerHage took over VerHage Motors from their Fathers Dick and Harold
  • 1984
    Lloyd added the Dodge franchise in Holland for 3 years.
  • 1986
    Lloyd's two sons, Blaine and Norman, became owners and managers at the Holland dealership
  • 2003
    A major remodeling of the Holland dealership was completed. Harold Ziegler Automotive Group purchased the Hudsonville dealership
  • 2004
    The Hudsonville dealership is vacated by Ziegler for a new location
  • 2008
    The Hudsonville location is demolished by the city of Hudsonville
  • 2009
    The Holland dealership is rejected by Chrysler in bankruptcy. Lloyd & his sons continue in business selling used cars
  • 2011
    The VerHage family acquires the Mitsubishi franchise from Crown Motors.
  • 2014
    VerHage Motors Mitsubishi celebrates a 100 years serving west Michigan's automotive needs.