The VerHage collection began in 1969 when a ‘29 Plymouth was traded in on a new ’69 Plymouth Fury III convertible at our then Chrysler Plymouth franchised dealership. The ensuing MOPARS added in the early years were stored in the garages of various rental properties owned by Lloyd VerHage near the dealership. In 1982, the collection outgrew this arrangement and a new 50’ by 64’ metal pole building was built that held a dozen cars comfortably along with some space for detailing and reconditioning. By 1990, the VerHage collection had outgrown this structure, requiring some storage in other locations as the collection continued to expand. The larger museum was built in early 2007 to display the collection of 30 plus MOPARS and in 2014 it was sold to Holland BPW for their new energy park. In late 2014, VerHage expanded the original 50’ by 64’ pole building to 100’ by 64’ to accommodate the 27+ MOPARS in the collection. In early spring 2015, the finishing touches on the museum exterior were done and a ribbon cutting with the West Coast Chamber of Commerce.

The VerHage MOPAR Museum car show event has had a variety of special guests and vehicles over the years including Galen Govier in 2012 and the Silver Bullet ’67 GTX of Jimmy Addison (owned by Harold Sullivan) in 2005. In March of 2006, VerHage sold a vehicle from their collection, a ’34 Air Flow CX, to comedian Jay Leno which now is on display in Jay Leno’s garage. See for more info. 2018 The show featured Futureliner #10 on display that was restored locally in Beaverdam, MI.

Please note that this year the 26th Annual VerHage Car Show at the MOPAR musuem is changing format. There will no longer be class awards, goody bags or raffles. It's simpliefied to just benefit charities that will receive all proceeds. The DJ will be located on the west end of the property near the MOPAR musuem. Food will be offered by sponsoring charities. Click here for a show flyer with more details. We hope you can participate in these our 26th year events. 

Click here for more info on 26th Annual All Makes Car Show

Classic Cars co-sponsors - VerHage Mitsubishi

We hope to see you at the annual VerHage Motors all-makes car show with your MOPAR or other classic this show season!

Norm & Blaine VerHage

VerHage Mitsubishi - Calssic Cars

1929 Plymouth Dlx. Rdstrr Coupe 175 45 2-door Cream
1934 DeSoto SE Airflow Sedan 241 100 4-door Gray
1934 Chrysler CV Airflow Sedan 323 130 4-door Black
1948 Chrysler New Yorker 323 135 4-dr Sedan Black
1949 Chrysler T&C Wood 323 135 Conv. Red
1951 Willys Jeepster 134 72 Pheaton Red
1953 Chrysler Imperial 331 180 2-door HT Green
1964 Plymouth Cuda 273 180 Fast Back Gold
1964 Plymouth Fury 383 330 Conv. Black
1967 Plymouth GTX Convertible 440 375 Conv. Red
1967 Plymouth Cuda 383 280 Fast Back Blue
1968 Plymouth Cuda 340 275 Fast Back Gold
1968 Plymouth Cuda 340 275 Conv. Red
1969 Plymouth Cuda 440 375 Fast Back Yellow
1969 Plymouth Cuda 340 275 Conv. Yellow
1970 Chrysler 300 440 350 Conv. White
1970 Plymouth GTX 440 375 2-door HT Blue
1970 Plymouth Cuda - Barn Find 340 390 AAR 2-dr Blue
1983 Plymouth Scamp 2.2 84 PUT Black
1992 Dodge Viper 488 460 Conv. Red
2000 Plymouth Prowler 3.5 250 Conv. Black
2006 Chrysler PT RT66 2.4 150 StaWgn Yellow
2009 Chrysler Sebring LTD 3.5 235 Conv. White