When Does My Vehicle Need New Tires?

What are the signs that your vehicle might need new tires? The main factors in determining when you need new tires are age and tread wear. Cars sitting outside in very hot climates will also tend to need new tires more often. Drivers in Holland, Michigan, hardly want to confront the harsh winters on bald tires.

What to Look for

There are a few things you can check for when you take a look at your tires. Check for bulges or cracks in the sides of your tires. These can be signs of low air pressure or slow leaks. Tire pressure tends to drop in extremely cold weather, so pressure should always be checked before the warmer seasons. Driving in warm weather with underinflated tires causes more heat to build up, and the tires will wear out faster. While you're driving, listen and pay attention to any unusual sound or feel coming from your tires. Vibration may indicate out-of-balance tires. Any time you have something less than a smooth ride, you should get it checked out at your local Holland service center.

Check Your Tire Tread

The Penny Test

One tried-and-true method of checking tread wear is the penny test. Take a penny and place it head down in several treads across the tire. If Lincoln's head continues to be visible, then the treads are far too shallow, and the tire should be replaced. If part of Lincoln's head continues to be covered in each test, then the tread still has 2/32 of an inch remaining, and you can put off tire replacement for a bit longer. However, another thing to check is the wear bar. These are rubber bits woven into the tread pattern and go across the groove. If your tread is worn down to that bar, then your tire needs to be replaced. Shallow tread may result in poor stopping ability in bad weather conditions and may cause other parts of your car to wear out faster than they should.

Tire Chart

Regardless of these factors, if your tires are over six years old, they should probably be replaced according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Visit your Holland Service Center at Verhage Auto Sales to get your tires checked or replaced. We serve drivers in Holland, MI, as well as the nearby cities of Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and Kalamazoo.

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