Hector Tirado 5/8/2018
Good, fast and professional service.

Michael Wynia 5/8/2018
We purchased from VerHage because of the people that work there. For the last 10 years we have done all of our service work at VerHage, as well as purchased out last 3 vehicles from them. I am not a mechanic and don’t know much about cars, but I like the fact that I know I am getting treated fairly and honestly at VerHage. I also like the fact that my wife can stop with a question or issue, and they will treat her just as fairly. We are very happy with our purchase and any issues we had with the vehicle were resolved very quickly and to our satisfaction

Bill Crowder 5/8/2018
We have been buying cars from VerHage Motors for years. We very much appreciate the personal attention and the family sense of the business. We have had very good experiences there, not only in the purchase process but also in the aftermath with the service department as well.

sandra canal 1/8/2018
Great fast service

Dawn Zwiers 5/8/2017
Great experience for my son's first vehicle purchase from a dealer. Steve treated him awesome, taking the time to explain everything and make sure he was satisfied. Very happy customers!!

Brad Karsies 4/8/2017
Chad sold us a used car at a very reasonable price. He was very friendly and gave us a good price right from the start. This is by far the best experience I have had at any car dealership.

Shannon Kelley 4/8/2017
Quick and thorough. Not that we planned to have our jeep towed but we decided to take it here when stranded on the road when heading to Saugatauk. They diagnosed the problem on Monday and ordered parts, parts arrived Tuesday and were put in. Tests completed and car was ready to pick up on Wed.

Julie Durkin 5/8/2014
They take care of all my car needs