What's Wrong With My Brakes?

Are your vehicles brakes making noise? Are they making squeaking, squealing or scraping sounds? Perhaps your brake pedal is feeling too firm or too mushy. The last thing any driver in Holland, MI, wants is brake problems.

Common Brake Problems

When you have brake problems, your Holland service center has answers. A firm brake pedal might mean vacuum problems or line obstruction while a mushy pedal might mean low brake fluid level or worn brake pads. If your brakes are squealing or whining on the streets of Grand Rapids, Muskegon, or Kalamazoo, it might mean worn or vibrating brake pads. If your brakes are making clunking sounds, it could mean there is a suspension issue or that something is loose. If your brake pedal is vibrating, it might mean anything from worn pads to a bad brake disc. Brake problems can often have easy fixes, like adding fluid, or they might indicate something more serious, like worn components.

Visit Us for Help

If your brakes are making noises or are less functional than they used to be, make sure to visit our Service Center in Holland. At VerHage Auto Sales in Holland, MI, we strive to fulfill our customers' needs quickly and professionally.

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