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Customer Testimonials and Comments

Why did you buy from VerHage Motors Mitsubishi and did the purchase meet you expectations?


“We purchased from VerHage because of the people that work there. For the last 10 years we have done all of our service work at VerHage, as well as purchased out last 3 vehicles from them. I am not a mechanic and don’t know much about cars, but I like the fact that I know I am getting treated fairly and honestly at VerHage. I also like the fact that my wife can stop with a question or issue, and they will treat her just as fairly. We are very happy with our purchase and any issues we had with the vehicle were resolved very quickly and to our satisfaction.” -Michael Wynia

“We have been buying cars from VerHage Motors for years. We very much appreciate the personal attention and the family sense of the business. We have had very good experiences there, not only in the purchase process but also in the aftermath with the service department as well.” -Bill Crowder

“My wife and I have trusted the sales team at VerHage for the last 12 years. Norm VerHage listens to what our families’ personal automotive needs are an exceeds our expectations every time.” -Del & Beth Haagsma

What did you like best about your purchase experience?

"We love working with VerHage’s staff. Every question we have, whether we are purchasing or servicing a vehicle is answered as honestly and as fairly as possible.”

-Michael Wynia

"I really like the fact that they tried to help me find what worked for us instead of pushing us on what they wanted to sell us.”

-Bill Crowder

"They make the experience much more comfortable and personable for both my wife and myself. They listen to what our needs for a vehicle are.”

-Del & Beth Haagsma

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Reflecting on your experiences at VerHage Motors Mitsubishi, what could you recommend they change and/or improve on?

"At this time I cannot think of anything. Every transaction we have done with VerHage has been positive and I recommend VerHage if someone is looking for service work on any make or model of vehicle.” -Michael Wynia

"Not much to recommend really. We thoroughly enjoy dealing with the folks and we love both the Mitsubishis that we have bought there. Great product and good people are a very nice combination.” -Bill Crowder

"The only thing we could think of was that all purchased vehicles could come with a full tank of fuel and floor mats.” -Del & Beth Haagsma


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